Happy Feet = Happy Healthcare Professionals by Uniform Advantage

Whether you’re looking for your first nursing shoe or looking to update your professional shoe wardrobe, it is important to know that a person's feet is unique and shoes are worn differently for everyone. Your feet can be large or small, high arched or flat footed and even narrow or wide. Did you know that 1/4 of our body's bones are in our feet? 52 to be exact and when one of these bones is not aligned properly, your whole body feels the pain and discomfort. Healthcare professionals value functionality and comfort as the #1 factors and then pick style next as they still want to project a professional image and not to mention, their individuality at their workplace. Take your time to pick the right shoes and make sure they have the APMA Seal of Acceptance and Seal of Approval as this is granted to products that promote good foot health. Doing the Three-Point Shoe test - checking the flex point of the shoe, torsion and heel counter firmness is also great to adopt. Your feet and body will thank you!
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